Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Liberton Kirk and Rivers Suite Napier University, Edinburgh wedding - pink and blue

Friday, 3 April 2020

Wedding at Summerhall, Edinburgh.

The wedding breakfast took place in the Dissection Room. The table centres were old medicine, poison and drinks bottles and were filled with sprigs of beautiful flowers: cornflower, clematis, Asclepias, Ammi, Delphinium, Tanacetum, Calendula among others! The bouquets were a free-form, hand-tied mix of the same. 

Signing table:

Ceremony room:

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Friday, 3 January 2020

Wedding at The Old Dr Bells Baths in Leith.

This wedding took place at The Old Dr Bells Baths in Leith. It was my first time at this venue and I was impressed - a large rectangular space, clean wooden floors, a modern bar and cosy chill out area. I made the table centres in situ - bunches of Paeonies, Veronica and Astilbe and long lengths of Populus (Italian eucalptus). It was a warm day and the Paeonias were opening before my eyes and looked beautiful. It can be tricky using Paeonias as they usually arrived closed and you have to manage them opening up in time for the weddding. They look resplendent but florists are happy they only have a short season! The couple had selected a lighting company to dress the venue further, it looked stunning when it was all set up! The room was used for the ceremony as well as the wedding breakfast so I didn't get to place the arrangements on the tables.

Preparing the table centres on the bar area:

All prepared and ready to dress the tables after the wedding ceremony.

The bride's bouquet of Paeonies, thistle, Populus and Gypsophila.

Wedding at the Glasshouse, Edinburgh. Neutral tones wtih a splash of peach and orange.

I recently received a thank you note from this couple and it reminded me to share pictures of this wedding. It's always a lovely surprise to get a thank you note in the post, sometimes months after the wedding! These arrangements are very on trend - a relaxed, romantic and wild look with mostly muted tones. I used greens, peaches and a splash of orange and the flowers included rose ('Akito' and 'Majolica'), waxflower, Hypericum, Asclepias tuberosa, Trachelium, Eupatorium, Eucalyptus, Populus and fern. 

"Thank you so much for the arranging all the beautiful flowers for my wedding! It was a pleasure working with you and we have had so many compliments about our floral arrangements. Thanks again!"

Buttonholes tied with twine

Buttonholes and wired flowers for the hair packaged ready for delivery

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Wedding at St Augustine's church followed by reception at St Columba's church, Edinburgh

Wedding ceremony at St Augustine's Church on George IV bridge, Edinburgh, followed by reception at St Columba's Church on Johnston Terrace. Bright, colourful flowers with a day-glow colour scheme of yellow, pink and green.  

Quote from Middlemarch included in the Order of Service

Bride's hand-tied bouquet of Paeonia 'flame', Solidago, Statice, Limonium, Crespedia and foliages.

Setting up the fresh fern garland

Bridesmaids' hand-tied bouquets

Three posy arrangements per table

Tanacetum and coloured sticks