Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sewing a Christmas stocking

 quilted, front side of stocking

 I've made Christmas stockings for my family. I didn't use a pattern for the first three and you can see the rough seams inside the stocking. By the time I got round to sewing one for my husband (only two years after the third stocking was made!), I followed the brilliant tutorial on Sew Scrumptious (omitting the cuff, but recommend you include it as otherwise the lining appears at the top as seen above) and finally, we have a seam free stocking.

 reverse side of stocking

They're an eclectic mix. The first three share the same Christmas material on one side with the other side unique to that individual. I somehow lost the shared fabric so my husband has different fabric to the rest of us. I have quilted the stockings using gold Gutermann thread to make them slightly more plush. My Christmas stockings are also bigger than the Sew Scrumptious ones and a slightly different shape as I didn't use her pattern.

 I made a fifth stocking for my friend's new baby using scraps of fabric. It's a mini one and very cute!