Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Wedding at Winton House, East Lothian

 Liz had a clear idea of the kind of bouquet she wanted. Deep reds, peachy pinks, orange tulips, with a variety of foliage in an arty arrangement. The colours suited her complexion. I recommend to brides when they're unsure of which colours to pick, to go with ones that suit them - think of your wardrobe and about the colours you wear.
This was my first visit to Winton House in East Lothian and I was really impressed. It's run by the family and it did have a lovely homely feel. The bride was calm and relaxed and had everything in control - she had organised a falconry outing for the guests leaving the house free of visitors so the final preparations could take place before the ceremony.

Bride's bouquet and two flower girl bouquets

Simple calla lily and beargrass buttonholes

Bride's bouquet
Flower girl bouquets

The bride's friends made these simple table centres with flowers that I provided- gypsophila and tulips in jam jars.

Winton House has beautiful little touches like this curling stone/door stopper. I was part of a recreational curling team when I studied in Canada (we won that year) so I'd like a curling stone door stopper!