Sunday, 28 December 2014

Wedding at the Rowantree (The Caves) Edinburgh

The Rowantree in Edinburgh is the smaller of two Caves venues. As you would expect with a cave, there isn't any natural light so the space is atmospherically lit with an impressive lighting rig and there's a good supply of candles too! They've draped fabric across the ceiling, which makes the place seem more luxurious and inviting. 

It was an interesting floristry experience - I basically made the pedestal and table arrangement in near darkness as the lighting was very subdued at that point but the music, on the other hand, was rather loud! On the bright side, I was using mostly white flowers so they stood out in the dim light (light coloured flowers are a must in these venues) and the arrangements looked good under the camera flash.

The bride and groom corresponded by e-mail and I didn't actually meet either of them on their wedding day; I dropped off the bouquets to the bridesmaid, who was wearing a stunning black and white, 1950s style dress. The simple white of the Akito rose bouquet would have looked fantastic. 

Here are some of my photos:

White Akito rose bride and bridesmaid bouquets

Venue arrangements


Close up of gift bouquet