Monday, 21 January 2013

How to make an aqua packed bouquet

I was asked about how to make an aqua packed bouquet. I made these diagrams when I was a student on the city and guilds course:

Cut two rectangles of cellophane. The rectangles should be slightly larger than the pieces of tissue paper. Cut a square of cellophane.

Take one piece of cellophane and lay a piece of the tissue paper on top. Fold the cellophane as shown (point to middle of short side) and wrap around the bouquet.


Turn the bouquet round and repeat with the other piece of cellophane and tissue paper.  

Secure the cellophane/tissue paper just above the tie point with sellotape. 

Now lay the bouquet on the square of cellophane and bunch up the cellophane to the tie point. Secure with sellotape. 

Finish the design with a ribbon. 

Carefully pour water over the middle of bouquet until the water reaches approximately 2 inches.

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